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Doodles publishes its self-custody guide to assist collectors

Flowty recently announced the release of Doodles’ self-custody guide. The announcement was made on the official Flowty Twitter account.

According to the tweets, the guide will assist every collector who prefers non-custodial wallet options for Wearables. Flowty and .find are among the best marketplaces that support these non-custodial wallets.

The partnership between Doodles and Flowty was also announced over Twitter. According to the tweets, Doodles 2 Wearables have launched on Flowty’s marketplace.

The primary motivation behind the launch was Flowty’s upgraded features, including:-

  • Versatile payment methods
  • Lower transaction fees (currently 1%)
  • Permissionless access
  • Support for Dapper Wallet
  • Designed by collectors for collectors

Since Doodles was added to the Flow NFT catalog, new users have been flocking to the platform. With the release of Doodles, Flowty and all other platforms that work with catalogs were also able to use them immediately. The catalog acts as the NFT standard that allows NFT and platform interoperability. Any catalog-compatible platform can list any catalog collection. These standards allow platforms to remain permissionless and seamless.

Even Doodles released a Twitter thread to discuss why the NFT project chose Flow. As per the tweets, the collaboration allows Doodles to establish a frictionless on-chain app. It enables mainstream users to personalize their Doodle without any restriction.

The property is critical to helping Doodles 2 achieve mainstream success. It lets new users get a wallet by using Gmail and even purchase Wearables via credit cards in minutes.

Other than this, Doodles 2 also prioritizes on-chain scalability, which is generated by Flowty. It allows mainstream users to easily trade and customize their doodles without worrying about transaction fees.

Both communities have warmly welcomed the partnership, showing immense support. Given how well Doodles and Flow complement each other, the collaboration is expected to be a major hit.

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