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bloXmove forms an exclusive partnership with peaq

In the case of bloXmove, mutually beneficial partnerships have always been a priority. It has taken advantage of this chance by forming an exclusive alliance with peaq. Through this collaboration, bloXmove will offer the later-2 protocol layer for dApps and will be actively working on mobility-related features, as well as charging and parking on the peaq network. 

Without a doubt, this will be a communal effort in which users, contributing developers, and businesses will share ownership. With the transfer of their NFT technology to peaq, they will be able to develop a blockchain-powered alternative to Uber and other popular ride-hailing apps.

It will be bloXmove, with Web3 developers focusing on the power and mobility sectors joining the peaq ecosystem as a layer-2, an application protocol, and a platform for mobility and charging dApps. In addition, they will impart their knowledge and the NFTicket procedure to the peaq community. Regarding the first project done on peaq, the entity will develop a substitute for the highly-desired ride-hailing service, which will be a decentralized Uber whose ownership will reside with the drivers and users. In addition, a hackathon will be planned for the community.

Along with peaq, bloXmove has plans to launch their decentralized ride-hailing application, along with the NFTicket parts, on peaq’s layer-1 blockchain network. This is their effort to establish themselves as the primary protocol for decentralized mobility across various networks and protocols.

Currently, ride-hailing services are thriving, but there have been numerous problems and conflicts. However, according to Sophia Rodiger, the CEO of bloXmove, blockchain and other Wb3 technologies level the playing field for mobility service ecosystems. Now that peaq has joined, the power of the centralized and rent-extraction environment will be shifted to the drivers and users, in her opinion.

Next, bloXmove will integrate into the peaq ecosystem to help build a more reliable mobility model. A Web3-style ride-hailing service based on smart contracts and crypto will be built using peaq’s layer-1 blockchain network and a wide range of machine-based activities like Self-Sovereign Machine Identities (SSI and DID) and Role-Based Access Control.

Beginning with an upgradable proof-of-concept, the decentralized application will evolve into a production-grade version, the design of which will give users complete anonymity combined with complete ownership and control. Till Wendler, co-founder of peaq, claims that Web3 outperforms the conventional centralized mobility design. But, he claims, a new paradigm is on the horizon thanks to the combination of bloXmove’s expertise in the mobility business and peaq’s machine-oriented toolset.

bloXmove is a Web3 solution provider working in the formation of a global decentralized mobility alliance. It utilizes blockchain components, such as the NFTicket protocol. It also serves as a link between breakthrough technology and the delivery of industry solutions. In contrast, peaq is the Web3 network that supports the Economy of Things (EoT) on Polkadot. It allows developers to create decentralized applications and enables users to control and profit from them.

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