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HSBC wants to be a “leader” and “innovator” in digital asset investments

The crypto sector has been luring many initiatives toward it. Joining the club now is HSBC Bank, which is a subsidiary of HSBC Holdings, a British multinational universal bank and financial services holding company.

Recently, the bank revealed its intentions to enter the crypto sector by announcing key job openings. According to the job postings on the company’s website, the bank is hiring a Product Director for tokenization use cases and digital assets. 

According to the bank, the roles in the firm have been necessitated by the evolving nature of the digital assets sector and involved risk chances. The bank said:

“Because Digital Assets is a new topic and strategic & risk appetite considerations are evolving quickly, the Head of Tokenisation will be required to make complex business and project decisions that contribute to a high value, strategic initiative.”

In this context, HSBC also hinted that an ideal candidate would be instrumental in the lender’s future product, which is their GPB&W Digital Assets. 

Also, the job description from the bank highlights that the candidates would have the external role of representing the company to “regulators, clients, and the digital assets ecosystem to position HSBC” as a “leader and innovator in furtherance of the digital assets strategy.”

Simultaneously, the successful candidates for Product Manager for digital assets will be responsible for driving the cryptocurrency agenda. The bank posted:

“The Product Manager for Digital Assets will be required to build strategic frameworks and policies to help drive complex business, project, and governance decisions. This will include the strategic creation and day-to-day management of governance forums and committees to efficiently and transparently drive the digital assets agenda.” 

For both these roles, the bank is looking for individuals who can operate in an ambiguous environment with knowledge of handling the changing regulatory landscape. Notably, the United Kingdom is among global jurisdictions accelerating the push towards enacting new crypto regulation, given the increasing consumer interest. 

Before HSBC, several banks proceeded towards making initiatives in the digital assets sector. In 2021, JP Morgan, a multinational investment bank, posted multiple job openings for its blockchain division, Onyx. The bank required people to fill marketing, audit, and engineering jobs, among other areas.

In November last year, JP Morgan in collaboration with the central bank of Singapore, participated in its first-ever decentralized finance (DeFi) transaction. According to the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), the transaction was one of many to announce the commencement of Project Guardian.

According to MAS, the pilot program aims to identify the potential use cases of DeFi applications in the financial markets. Additionally, it was an asset tokenization and international transfer experiment.

It is imperative to note that banks that have taken a similar route have primarily focused on a set of clients, mainly wealthy investors. However, with HSBC looking for tokenization, the bank might seek to offer broader services. 

The crypto enthusiasm among firms has spread very rapidly. Last year, even Disney indicated its interest in blockchain technologies, decentralized finance NFTs, and the metaverse for a long time. The company wished to act on its interests by hiring legal experts specializing in the field. 

It also said that the principal counsel should be able to provide Disney’s legal and business teams regular legal consultation on matters relating to the virtual world, as well as thought leadership and strategic guidance on products utilizing blockchain and digital currency.

Interestingly, while the HSBC bank is taking steps towards cryptocurrencies, it was not long ago when Noel Quinn, CEO, said that the bank would not provide any crypto services. The bank was very strictly against crypto, and the CEO highlighted his concerns about the sustainability of crypto value. 

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