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XRP Price Prediction: What Will Happen To XRP Price in 2024?

Heard the buzz about XRP? The Ripple token has been steady, but guess what? It’s stirring up some fresh vibes in 2024! Curious about the fate of XRP? Let’s dive into the tech magic and feel the pulse of the crypto community in this XRP price prediction article.

How has the XRP Price behaved in recent days?

XRP/USD Daily Chart- TradingView

Right now, XRP is hanging out at $0.505352, and there’s been a bit of action with a trading volume hitting $1.01 billion in the past 24 hours. The market cap is a solid $27.51 billion, claiming about 1.67% of the crypto space. It took a tiny dip of -2.12% in the last day.

Now, taking a stroll down memory lane, XRP had its glory moment on January 4, 2018, when it reached its peak at an all-time high of $3.92. But, you know, we all have our low points, and for XRP, it was on July 7, 2014, hitting rock bottom at £0.002802.

Recently, we’ve seen a low in the cycle at $0.113268 and a high at $1.977930. As for vibes in the crypto community, things are a bit cautious, leaning towards a bearish outlook, scoring 60 on the Fear & Greed Index (Greed).

Now, onto the supply deets – there are currently 54.44 billion XRP coins in the game out of a max supply of 100 billion. Over the past year, around 4.18 billion XRP joined the party, showing an 8.31% yearly supply inflation rate.

exchange comparison

XRP Price Prediction: What will happen to the XRP price in 2024?

XRP has been stable lately. Imagine a 23% boost in its price over the last year – a bit like the underdog in the crypto arena, outshining 62% of the top 100 players. However, it’s crucial to note that XRP isn’t stealing the spotlight from the big shots like Bitcoin and Ethereum just yet. 

Currently, it’s playing catch-up, trading below the 200-day simple moving average, indicating a potential uphill battle. The past month showed a mixed bag with only 12 green days out of 30, hinting at some uncertainty in the air. A significant -87% dip from its all-time high suggests there’s still ground to cover. And don’t forget the 8.31% yearly inflation rate – a subplot adding complexity to XRP’s narrative. As we move, XRP is charting its own course through twists and turns.

When we talk about XRP, it’s important to understand that having XRP doesn’t mean you own a piece of Ripple, and the success of XRP holders isn’t directly linked to how well Ripple is doing. However, any positive news about Ripple tends to boost demand for XRP by association. Looking forward to 2024, if Ripple were to have a successful IPO (Initial Public Offering), it could generate more interest and demand for XRP from potential buyers.

Now, there’s a significant benchmark for many enthusiasts – the $1 mark. Breaking above this level could be influenced by various factors that will shape XRP’s path in the market. So, the journey of XRP is closely tied to these developments, and $1 becomes a crucial point on this exciting ride.

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