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More Investors Backing Ethereum, Will QUBE and ERC-20 Tokens Rip H…

More Investors Backing Ethereum, Will QUBE and ERC-20 Tokens Rip Higher?

The InQubeta (QUBE) presale has now generated more than $1.8 million in tokens early on and investors still stand to grow their investments by up to 300% if they join in now. Ethereum has also enjoyed a substantial increase in investor backing in 2023 with prices rising by up to 70%. Ethereum-based projects like InQubeta, Polygon (MATIC), and Chainlink (LINK) have all played a role in the increase in investor interest in Ethereum as its functionality gives it the potential to someday take Bitcoin’s spot as the cryptocurrency with the highest market capitalization. 

InQubeta focuses on making investment opportunities in artificial intelligence (AI) easier to access while funneling more funds to startups that need them. It skirts the barriers that prevent countless people from using traditional investing avenues, opening up prospects to anyone with a cryptocurrency wallet. 

InQubeta (QUBE) and other ERC-20 tokens boosting Ethereum trading volume

The InQubeta project hosts an Ethereum-based blockchain that utilizes the power of ERC-20 tokens to create an alternative way to invest in AI startups. These companies can raise funds on the InQubeta ecosystem by making non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that represent equity in their operations. These tokens are posted on the InQubeta marketplace where investors can learn more about the companies behind them or purchase NFTs with $QUBE tokens. 

Ethereum, More Investors Backing Ethereum, Will QUBE and ERC-20 Tokens Rip Higher?

The NFTs are transferred to buyers once sales are finalized, giving them full ownership of the tokens, which they can hold on to long-term or sell whenever they choose. Think of these NFTs as the blockchain version of stocks. Some tokens come with additional bonuses like a piece of profits and smart contracts ensure investors get all bonuses promised to them. 

The InQubeta ecosystem solves two real-world problems simultaneously: it opens up investment opportunities in artificial intelligence while directing more capital to AI firms that need cash to advance their projects.

AI investments 10x as world braces for next tech revolution

AI is no longer just some cool idea entertained in sci-fi media. Major milestones have been made in the past decade and the technology is now expected to transform the world in the next several years. Vehicles with self-driving features are now mass-produced, while search engines use AI to improve search results. 

Technological breakthroughs always create opportunities for investors to earn exponential profits and the same will be the case for the AI revolution. Those who back AI startups that end up reshaping industries set themselves up to earn unprecedented returns on their investment. The InQubeta project makes such investment opportunities more accessible than they’ve ever been. 

Ethereum (ETH) continues to generate investor interest

Ethereum has been viewed by many as Bitcoin’s inevitable replacement because of its improved functionality by allowing for the creation and deployment of decentralized applications and smart contracts. 

Ethereum has enjoyed a little more growth than Bitcoin in 2023 and some cryptocurrency experts credit the success of some of the cryptocurrency projects launched on its blockchain like InQubeta, Chainlink, and Polygon for its price movement. All three have generated lots of investor interest recently, helping to push Ethereum prices upward as they showcase how much of an impact Ethereum will have in the cryptocurrency space in the future. 

It’s quite possible that many of the top cryptocurrencies in the future will be Ethereum-based projects like the InQubeta network which is projected to enjoy up to 100x growth after its launch. 


The InQubeta presale is currently one of the hottest events in the cryptocurrency space with over $1.8 million in tokens sold early on in the event. The InQubeta project harnesses the functionality of the Ethereum network to create a more accessible way to invest in AI startups than traditional options. InQubeta will play a major role in helping to direct the $1.5 trillion expected to pour into artificial intelligence in the next seven years to startups that need funding. 

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