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How High will XRP reach when the XRP Lawsuit Officially Ends?

The crypto community became highly bullish when news surfaced about Ripple winning the SEC lawsuit. However, this win is not official yet due to the nature of legal proceedings. Despite this, XRP price has almost doubled since the news came out 2 weeks ago. How high will XRP reach when the XRP lawsuit officially ends? Is there still room for growth?

XRP Lawsuit: What Happened to XRP lawsuit?

The legal dispute between Ripple and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has garnered substantial attention in the crypto community. Average crypto prices increased by more than 10% when news of the victory surfaced. This victory however is the first building block in order to successfully close the lawsuit, which is still today pending.

What will Happen to Ripple after the Lawsuit?

Many people are wondering when the ongoing lawsuit will come to a definitive end. Unfortunately, this type of legal process is typically intricate and lengthy, making it difficult to provide a definite answer. Nevertheless, specialists predict that the lawsuit could be resolved by the conclusion of 2023.

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How High will XRP reach after the Lawsuit ends?

Upon the lawsuit’s conclusion, how high could XRP potentially go? Speculators suggest a bullish run, as XRP, unfettered by legal uncertainties, would be poised to attract substantial investor interest. Several analysts posit that its price could soar and breach the psychological price of 1$.

In case Ripple manages to strike more deals with financial institutions and XRP starts to become used by big firms and the crypto market happens to be on a strong bullrun, XRP might be able to reach its previous all-time high of $2.8. However, this prediction is far from happening anytime soon.

A Bright Future Ahead?

Once the lawsuit ends, Ripple can focus on its business expansion, offering its fast and efficient cross-border transaction service to a wider audience. This growth could further enhance XRP’s market value toppled with a green crypto market.

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