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Comprehensive Overview of the Doodles Ecosystem

Would anyone have imagined in 2023 that animated characters could be of such high value? The Doodles collection, an array of 10,000 NFTs, has cemented its place as one of the most cherished digital assets in the crypto universe. The Doodles are an eccentric ensemble of humans, cats, apes, skeletons, pickles, among others, each artistically rendered in pastel tones with distinct designs. Yet, their popularity hinges not solely on their artistic appeal.

The Craftsmen Behind Doodles

The creators of Doodles are among the most notable figures in the early Web3 landscape. Jordan Castro, or Poopie, has been part of the renowned CryptoKitties project as a product lead. This project went down in history for bringing the entire Ethereum network to a halt in 2017 due to its overwhelming success. The popularity of Doodles NFTs and their encompassing ecosystem isn’t merely due to their striking appearance; there’s more to the story.

Exploring the World of Doodles

Doodles is often cited as a prime example of the effective utilization of NFTs to establish a digital brand. The first batch of Doodles NFTs was minted on October 17, 2021, presenting a broad spectrum of colors, sizes, and 265 distinct pairs of traits. After a pre-sale, the original Doodles NFTs were snapped up within minutes at a 0.123 ETH floor price. By mid-February 2022, the floor price soared to over 4.469 ETH, equivalent to roughly $7,000.

One unique aspect of Doodles in the NFT landscape was the team’s strategy post-launch. It was among the first to close its project Discord once the membership reached about 1,000 people. This decision sparked controversy. Critics claimed it was a strategy to create artificial scarcity, while others believed it was a step to ensure the roadmap’s completion. This proactive move by the Doodles team to foster a dedicated community is seen by many as a wise decision.

The project made headlines in May 2022 with the addition of Julian Holguin, a former Billboard executive, to the Doodles team as CEO. His role was pivotal in intellectual property expansion. Subsequently, Pharrell Williams, the famous music artist, joined as Chief Brand Officer and started working on the “Doodles Records: Volume 1” music album. Alexis Ohanian, Reddit co-founder, also became a part of the Doodles journey. His 776 venture firm led a $54 million fundraising round that shot the entire ecosystem’s valuation to $704 million.

The Genesis of Doodles

The credit for the creation of the popular NFT collection primarily goes to Jordan Castro (Poopie), Evan Keast (Tulip), and Scott Martin (Burnt Toast). Castro, a blockchain developer since 2013, met Keast while working on CryptoKitties at Dapper Labs. They conceived an idea for an NFT project with a DAO in early 2021, ensuring community control.

However, when Keast met Scott Martin, he was immediately captivated by Martin’s illustrations. Martin, a renowned muralist, designer, and artist, brought invaluable experience from his work with global giants like Dropbox, Facebook, and Google. The trio, with WestCoastNFT, built the original Doodles collection in preparation for the Fall 2021 initial launch.

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How Doodles Nurtured Its Robust Community

The blend of experience and innovative drive behind the Doodles NFT project cultivated a remarkable following. The founders, aware of the need to distinguish themselves from other NFT launches, focused on Doodles’ creative essence. Early community members appreciated the initial mint price, recognizing the founders’ dedication to establishing Doodles as a viable NFT brand.