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Getting interactive with BSV entrepreneurs at Unbounded Perspectives

Blockchain investment firm Unbounded Capital says the best way to build an ecosystem on BSV, the world’s most scalable blockchain, is through live interaction. Building on its past experiences with interactive events, it’s hosting the one-day “Unbounded Perspectives” live in Austin on March 9, on the eve of the city’s famous South by Southwest (SXSW) festival.

Unbounded Perspectives is Unbounded’s first bigger “flagship event” and will run for a full day, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. The company held its first annual investor summit in New York City in 2022. It has also conducted a series of dinners and webinars to educate investors and founders/entrepreneurs about the benefits of building on the BSV blockchain.

Invitations to the event are available by personal request. There’s more information about the event, attendees, and speaker schedule (and how to get an invite) here.

Unbounded Capital Managing Partner Zach Resnick said it’s important for potential participants to chat, ask questions in person, and talk directly to people who’ve operated companies in the space about their experiences.

“This is not just my perspectives, this is not just me and Dave’s perspectives, this is everyone’s perspectives. And if I’m personally inviting you there, I want to hear what you have to say, I want to hear and field your questions,” he said.

There will be presentations and panel discussions featuring well-known names in the BSV industry, such as Kurt Wuckert Jr. and HandCash CEO Alex Agut. Attendees can also request to sit at a table of 8-9 people of their choice to have more intimate discussions about what it’s like to run a company or become an investor in the BSV ecosystem. Since sharing information is so central to the event and its purpose, about a third of the day’s time will be devoted to audience questions. There will also be plenty of break times for networking.

Obstacles and advantages

So what’s the overall mood in Unbounded’s network, given the current state of the wider blockchain and digital asset industry, BSV in particular, and the world in general?

Resnick agrees BSV can be a tough sell sometimes, and anyone looking to participate faces plenty of obstacles. Some of these are environmental, dependent on blockchain’s wild fluctuations and business cycles. Others are more specific to BSV, such as external pressures, side issues, and deliberate disinformation campaigns from other industry sectors.

Unbounded looks for new investors in its portfolio companies both within and from outside the blockchain industry. However, non-blockchain investors often aren’t interested in touching blockchain technology, and blockchain investors often have a negative image of BSV, thanks to the reasons above.

Resnick says BSV suffers from a negative reputation, one he feels is not valid, but a reality all the same. That also means those who don’t find success with that ecosystem can blame BSV itself instead of the companies and their ideas or the way they’re run. But he remains optimistic about that situation changing as more real information spreads around.

“I’m definitely optimistic about that reputation changing in a big way very quickly, for a more positive thing,” he said. BSV people should “just keep doing what we’re doing” despite the pressures.

Perhaps BSV appeals more to “people who are independent thinkers, those who enjoy being a little contrarian,” and those who hate groupthink, whether it applies to blockchain or in general. You can’t build a large ecosystem out of just contrarians, though, and you can change a few hearts and minds at a time, but what BSV needs is that one “big thing” that captures everyone’s attention.

He thinks that big thing is more likely to emerge from BSV’s consumer-oriented companies, while the larger enterprise deals (focused more on big data projects) take a lot longer to put together. He’s got his eye on two of Unbounded’s main portfolio companies, HandCash and DXS, as having the potential to deliver popular consumer services.

Just as BSV services help consumers in markets anywhere, Resnick said the nature of the industry means development teams themselves are spread around the world, and this distribution presents ample opportunities for all.

“I feel very good about my decisions in backing something that I think has much more long-term potential to make a positive impact in the world,” he noted.

Watch: Unbounded Capital Summit 2022 showcases what’s possible with a scalable blockchain

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