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Making CFD trading easy with Equiity

CFD or Contracts for Differences is a type of arrangement in the financial derivatives market wherein the differences in the settlement between the opening and closing trade prices are settled in cash. No delivery of securities or physical goods takes place otherwise. It is an advanced form of trading that is now attracting many new traders.

Equiity is a CFD trading platform that focuses on putting the trader at the forefront of everything they do. The platform has been created keeping in mind the trading needs of users of all levels, this is done by incorporating the latest innovations not only for the platform itself but also for their services, education center, analysis tools, and market alerts.

Transparency and flexibility at the core

The platform bases itself on a few core values which keep the user at the center. The platform has innovative trading terminals that let a user trade as per their requirement. They also have a mobile app that supports this along with their desktop version. With a range of assets that can be used to diversify the user’s portfolio, Equiity lets traders choose from 300+ assets, 40+ Forex pairs, and CFDs on silver and gold.

Safety is a major concern in the trading space and the platform makes sure that they provide the clients with top-notch safety measures while also ensuring that there are no hidden fees, secure payments, and the best encryption tools for financial operations such as firewalls, SSL software, and servers in SAS 70 certified data centers.

Markets at Equiity

Some of the markets that can be accessed by the traders include:

  • Commodity trading: Commodities are one of the oldest financial markets which can give traders a chance to make both big and small trading moves. Equiity lets traders deal with CFDs whether steady or volatile goods like crude oil, sugar, coffee, and iron ore.
  • Forex trading: Equiity allows users to Forex trade using CFDs and diversify their portfolios. The Forex CFDs have a maximum limit of 1:200 with minimum pips from 0.01. The platform also has educational tools to help traders in their journey.
  • Indices trading: Indices are comparatively more balanced in comparison to other financial institutions as they are baskets of individual stocks and are often estimated by independent financial institutions.
  • Stock market: Equiity gives traders quick access to major stocks around the world and provides instruments to enter stock CFD trading quickly.
  • Metals trading: Silver, Gold, and Platinum are some of the most popular metal trading options in the market. They tend to diversify the holder’s portfolio and open up some peak trading opportunities for them. Equiity has an experienced team and platform that provides the necessary support to users for trading.
  • Crypto market: Equiity has innovative trading terminals that help users trade whenever they want to. They provide secure and tailor-made accounts for easy and smoother trading.

Trading accounts for all

Equiity has a variety of options available for different users including their Silver, Gold, and Platinum:

  • Silver: A Silver account gives users an entry point to markets and gets full support in CFD trading with a 2.5 spread and up to 1:200 leverage with a 15% stop-out level.
  • Gold: A gold account is designed for advanced traders who want access to more opportunities and a faster trading pace. This account allows for a 50% discount along with the 1:200 leverage for FX and a 15% stop-out.
  • Platinum: Experienced and pro-traders can use the Platinum account for an intensive trading session. It is designed for those users who want to tap into the deep end of the market. They are given a 50% discount along with a 1:200 FX leverage and a 15% stop-out level.

Final word

The Equiity platform offers modern tools for accessing global markets easily. Trading CFDs can be hectic but with a reliable trading platform that lets users make safe payments and easy withdrawals. With a complete toolset of analytics, the platform supports traders in their trading ideas and decisions whether it is creating their own CFD trading strategy using 9 timeframes, Fibonacci numbers, historical price information, independent variables, or any other analytical tools.

For more information on Equiity, please check out their official website.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.

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