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Cyberport brings virtual Hong Kong to New York Fashion Week

Ms. Vivienne Tam, a world-famous Hong Kong-based fashion designer, had a particularly productive day. It was she, along with Cyberport and the Hong Kong Economic Trade Office in New York, who was instrumental in successfully transferring a virtual Hong Kong to the New York Fashion Week runway show. Animoca Brands, Hepha, and EW Metaverse also participated.

This incredible occurrence took place on February 12, 2013. Animoca Brands is a Cyberport-based corporation that promotes gaming and open metaverse-related digital property rights. In contrast, Cyberport’s Hepha is a global body platform for incubating IP, authenticating IP, and licensing IP. They found a way to make art and cutting-edge technology work in tandem.

Vivienne, a fashionista who is also interested in Web3 technology, played a key role in the establishment of EW Metaverse, a Cyberport fashion tech company. They were able to transpose the streets of Hong Kong into the metaverse domain on stage thanks to Hepha’s skillful guidance. In this case scenario, the audience was exposed to both the fashion aspect and the overall metropolitan landscape with all of its sights and sounds.

Candy Nip, director of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, said that the crowd was left in awe by the presentation of a fusion of Hong Kong’s fashion and culture. In the case of Peter Yan, CEO of Cyberport, the incorporation of the metaverse with NFT technology pushed Hong Kong onto the international stage. According to him, this would take fashion to an entirely new level.

Where the co-founder and executive chairman of Animoca Brands, Yat Sun, is concerned, this entire event was an extremely innovative one, having captured the true essence of Hong Kong and successfully connecting it with the global platform of fashion. In his opinion, this will definitely open the doors for more and more creative inputs in order to deliver a much higher form of introduction to the latest fashion trends to the audience. As per the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Hepha, Kevin Lee, their team, along with Vivienne and Animoca Brands, worked very hard in order to make the event as successful as it turned out to be.

Sharing her views on the show, Vivienne made it a point to mention the fact that once the idea of putting together this show came to her mind, it was an instantaneous decision to bring on Animoca Brands and Cyberport, along with Hepha. She also felt that she owed a lot to all of the help she received from them in order to be able to breathe life into her most innovative idea and actually see everything falling into place just the way she had envisaged.

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