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Hello Pets to create an open entertainment ecosystem & become Web3’s Disney

Hello Pets happens to be working towards the creation of an open entertainment ecosystem. Through this, and in their very opinion, all of the connected groups will find themselves in the position of being able to connect in matters related to storytelling, along with the art creation of shared IPs. It is to commence with a retinue of likable pet characters.

Their further vision lies in bringing together external NFT collections with the active engagement of their holders, as well as the group artists. In this, they will be exchanging IPS, with the intent of building upon unique content and products. The goal for them is to build a Disney in Web3. 

The way forward for them is to utilize the updated technologies related to game engines, AI, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, 3D printing, and other such. Through this, the products of Hello Pets will not only be with regards to digital applications, like in the case of movies, games, music, and others, but also in the case of physical applications. These would include lego-like toys, fashion products, home décor, and others. 

In the case of the usage of IPs for the creation of imitative works, users need to make high IP authorization fee payments, along with a lot of time spent on clearing formalities. However, where the NFT arena is concerned, all a user requires is to buy an NFT in order to be able to utilize the IP for the building of imitative works and incorporate the same into his own. 

The IPs can then be utilized to add to the fun element of the brand, also being able to bring in the fans of the IP, along with providing further exposure. With this in mind, they are taking on the licensing procedure of the NFT arena and creating the new-age entertainment ecosystem.

The vision of Hello Pets is to find themselves in the mainstream and the characters that are created, developing a huge fan following, along with becoming the most popular. 

Incidentally, all of the creations are not only related to Hello Pets but also in the case of various other NFT collections.

In their viewpoint, all aspects being in their rightful place will open the doors for the creation of a whole gamut of other products. What they believe makes their enterprise absolutely different from all others is the fact that every aspect is not dependent on a single entity but an entire community’s contribution and input as a whole. The next Disney must be a decentralized ecosystem of entertainment and must be able to connect to the community as a whole.

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