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Elon Musks SpaceX moon mission is paid in DOGE and will take Dogecoin to the “moon” – Updates

  • Dogecoin has finally made it to the moon after being used as payment for a space mission at SpaceX. 
  • Is Dogecoin preparing to be some of the first crypto to be used as payment on Twitter? 

New data concerning Elon Musk’s space company SpaceX and popular memecoin Dogecoin has resurfaced. Twitter user DogeDesigner put the data forward. In his tweet, he disclosed that Elon Musk’s SpaceX has funded a space mission using the Doge memecoin.

As expected, the Doge community is fired up by this new revelation and the positive outcomes it holds for Dogecoin. It bears mentioning that according to the recent event, this is the first time a cryptocurrency has been used to fund a space mission. This makes Dogecoin the first crypto and memecoin to make it to space.

The Genesis of these events can be traced back to April 1, 2022. Billionaire Elon Musk had been teasing the Doge community with cryptic tweets about the memecoin making its way to Mars and to the moon.

Elon Musk made a tweet disclosing that the $137 million aerospace company has big plans for Dogecoin. In his tweet, he wrote that “SpaceX is going to put a literal Dogecoin on the literal moon.”

GEC accepts Dogecoi, will Twitter do the same?

Further, into the year, it was discovered that SpaceX was making plans to put a satellite into lunar orbit. The mission is reserved for the first quarter of 2023, and was paid for in Doge.

DogeDesigner is now tweeting that  “SpaceX informed SamuelReidGEC that DOGE-1 Mission to the Moon, is now scheduled for NET (No Earlier Than) Q3 2023. DOGE-1 will be deployed & attempt a propulsion burn into Translunar Injection for entering into Lunar Orbit.”

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The Dogecoin payment was made by the Geometric Energy Corporation (GEC) to SpaceX. The Geometric Energy Corporation spoke very positively about Dogecoin. GEC sees Dogecoin as a credible enough crypto for funding a space mission.

The chief executive of GEC Samuel Reid said that following the payment, Doge is now a unit of account for their lunar business.

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The DOGE-2 moon mission has been reflected in Dogecoin’s price in the past. Going back to when Elon Mudk broke the news about the mission, there was a major price pump that followed. Dogecoin bulls were active once the news broke. Dogecoin gained up to 10% in value on the same day.

The Dogecoin community is now waiting for the move that will kickstart its run toward $1 mark. Elon Musk has teased that Dogecoin could be considered as payment on twitter. The microblogging platform is working towards accepting payment in traditional currencies and in cryptocurrencies. If Doge is lucky enough to be considered by Musk, it will become one of the first cryptocurrencies to be accepted on Twitter.

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