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Mixer.Money ensures privacy and protects your funds from being tracke

A bitcoin mixer helps protect your assets, especially if you frequently conduct large transactions. Users do not always pay attention to the coins they receive and fail to monitor their transactions properly. This can result in certain risks. For example, if you receive tainted coins and then send deposit them to a centralized exchange, you risk your account being blocked and your assets frozen. Moreover, wallets from sanctioned countries are also at risk.

Such situations can be avoided if you use a bitcoin mixer. With thousands of mixers available, you need to choose the right one. We are a bitcoin mixer that always provides untainted coins protected from various tracking algorithms.

Mixer.Money is a reliable mixer with great features

Mixer.Money has an advanced anonymization feature. Instead of simply mixing assets of different customers, we source untainted coins from exchanges and verified investor partners. With the bitcoin.mixer 2.0 algorithm, all coins have an impeccable track record.

We offer three different modes.

Complete anonymity

This mode obfuscates coins for modern transaction analysis systems and effectively protects customer privacy, making it impossible to say who sends what to whom. Customers’ coins are not mixed. Each coin is randomly split and sent to exchanges and partner investors.

Users receive their coins back at two addresses. Bitcoins are provided by users from other exchanges. As a result, the coins are already verified by the exchange and have a good track record. The algorithms constantly split and check the coins. The wallets are selected in such a way that the user receives the exact amount back. ‘Complete anonymity’ helps to obscure the trail of bitcoins, so no one can identify who sent how much.

The system automatically chooses the time that the coins are deposited to the customer’s account in order to comply with all the algorithm’s conditions. Adjusting the share of assets distributed between wallets is not possible. Thanks to the simple and inconspicuous transactions on the blockchain, the assets are protected from such methods as cluster analysis, and it is even difficult to detect that you are using a mixer.

The fee in this mode is between 4 and 5% (+0.0015 BTC), the mixing time can reach 6 hours.

Mixer mode

This mode offers lower protection as its algorithm is almost identical to that of most standard mixers. Its advantage is that the coins are provided by the customers using the ‘Complete anonymity’ mode and not the ‘Mixer’ mode.

The ‘Mixer’ mode does not offer thorough anonymization, and the coins are not protected from cluster analysis and other tracking methods. However, the fees are lower (between 1 and 1.5% +0.001BTC), and the mixing time is shorter — less than two hours.

Coins provided by users are anonymized by the pre-mixer and deposited to the exchange. In return, users receive obfuscated tokens from customers using the ‘complete anonymity’ mode along with the record of their last transaction. The protection level is lower. This mode is suitable for users who do not need total anonymity.

Exact amount

The risks of receiving tainted coins are high during transactions. There are services for checking wallets, but they make things inconvenient, as they sometimes force customers not to proceed with transactions due to the involvement of sanctioned wallets. Using the ‘Exact amount’ mode, our customers can be sure that they provide only clean and verified coins to their partners. Analysis algorithms cannot detect that the coins came from a mixer, as the trail is obscured by passing the assets through the ‘Complete anonymity’ mode. As a result, the customer deposits the exact amount to one wallet and receives change to another one.

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The fee is between 4 and 5% + 0.0007 BTC, and the mixing time is up to 6 hours.

How Mixer.Money protects customers from deanonymization

We do not keep any logs and assign any identifiers. All data that we process is encrypted. Each request is automatically deleted after 168 hours and passes into oblivion. Communication with customers is based on letters of guarantee with a PGP signature. This is important for solving disputes.

Extra touches from Mixer.Money

Mixer.Money has operated since 2016. The experience itself proves the mixer’s reliability. For the cryptocurrency industry, seven years is quite a lengthy period.

One of the great features of our mixer is the opportunity to delay transactions: the address generated for depositing coins remains active for up to 7 days. If the withdrawal of funds is delayed by the platform from which the coins are sent, the address does not simply disappear.

Another nice touch is the opportunity for a customer to check our operation for free. If a user sends 0.001 BTC, no mixing fee is charged, and the coins are returned to the same address.

Additional Mixer.Money features

You can use a TOR mirror to mix bitcoins. It disables the calculator and transaction detector because they cannot be implemented without Javascript, and this does not reduce anonymity.

You can quickly use the service by contacting our Telegram bot. We also have a Crypto Kitchen Telegram channel with all the latest news gathered for you by our team.

If you would like to protect your assets, click any of the links below and visit Mixer.Money.

Website: https://mixer.money/

How it works: https://mixer.money/en/how-it-works/

Mixing guide: https://mixer.money/en/faq/#instr

Telegram bot: https://tele.click/mm5btc_bot

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TOR mirror http://mixermo4pgkgep3k3qr4fz7dhijavxnh6lwgu7gf5qeltpy4unjed2yd.onion/


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