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Interview with Ole Lehmann NOT TO MISS!

In the fourth episode of the Cryptoticker podcast, our host Dominic interviews Ole Lehmann, aka Ole.eth. Hear the episode now on all known streaming platforms.

Welcome to the latest episode of  Cryptoticker The Podcast ! :tada:This time our podcast host, Dominic Klopsch, had an exciting conversation with Ole Lehmann, aka Ole.eth.

Ole brings years of experience in crypto trading and shares his knowledge, experience and learnings in this episode. It also deals with topics such as personal branding, building your own brand, the challenges in crypto trading, the FTX disaster and of course again the possible trends in Web3 for 2023 :lightbulb::rocket:

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Now listen to the latest episode here:  

Episode table of content

  • Intro – 00:00:00 – 00:01:13
  • Introduction and background Ole – 00:01:14 – 00:02:54
  • Personal branding via LinkedIn and building your own brand – 00:02:55 – 00:08: 34
  • Effort for a personal brand and content creation – 00:08:35 – 00:11:01
  • ADVERTISING – 00:11:02 – 00:12:02
  • About fortune and misfortune in crypto trading – 00:12:03 – 00:16 :54
  • The FTX disaster and how Ole was affected – 00:16:55 – 00:19:55
  • What trends could come in 2023 – 00:19:56 – 00:26:47
  • Ole on “Wallets in Wonderland” – 00: 26:47 – 00:28:23
  • Outro – 00:28:23
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Guests & Hosts of the fourth episode of the Cryptoticker Podcast

This podcast or the content within it is not investment or financial advice!  and the people involved assume no liability! DYOR – Do Your Own Research

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