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Important update for the EVM sidechain out now

  • Cardano confirms a major announcement, stating that the EMV sidechain proof of concept public testnet has gone live. 
  • The announcement takes Cardano a step closer to improving scalability and security. 

In a recent announcement from Input Output Global Inc. (IOG), the firm behind the blockchain, Cardano has made the EVM sidechain proof of concept public testnet available to the public.

The announcement is a notable huge step for the Cardano blockchain and its entire ecosystem, as the network continues to evolve with each passing day.

The EVM sidechain testnet is a proof of concept Cardano sidechain that uses the components of the sidechain toolkit. The sidechain was created for the purpose of displaying Cardano’s range. The sidechain shows that Cardano can be extended with new features like different smart contracts languages, or consensus protocols.

This proof of concept testnet is ephemeral and will be regularly respun during its pilot phase. Ultimately, it is intended to be a community resource and we encourage developers and SPOs to get involved and collaborate.

Everything you should know about the EMV sidechain, important characteristics and upcoming webinars

The Cardano sidechain toolkit serves as a perfect example of how to build a Cardano sidechain. According to the team at Cardano, the EVM sidechain testnet presently connects to a dedicated Cardano testnet through a bridge.

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This makes it possible for the community to transport tokens from one network to another. Decentralized applications and smart contracts that have been written in the Solidity language can also be deployed.

There will be an upcoming webinar for interested parties to partake in. All technical questions surrounding the tesnet and the toolkit will be answered during the webinar.

Cardano welcomes all questions and feedback from community members. Questions can be posted on discord using the hashtag “#ask-sidechain” and on Twitter, tagging the official InputOutputHK Twitter handle.

The announcement comes not long after Cardano revealed its sidechain toolkit. The sidechain toolkit was previewed at the recently held IOScotFest, and Cardano shared on the 12th of January, that the first iteration was live. Cardano explains in a blog post;

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Input Output Global (IOG) has assembled a team of specialist engineers to use the rock-solid foundation of Cardano to build a toolkit for building custom sidechains. Using the toolkit, they have constructed an Ethereum virtual machine (EVM)-compatible sidechain public testnet as a proof of concept.

Sidechains are extremely important, as they make the Cardano network more extensive and scalable while maintaining the security of the main chain.

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