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Pocket Network forms a merger with Arbitrum One

Pocket Network happens to have formed a much official merger with Arbitrum One. This was carried out to facilitate the transfer of the power of the decentralized RPC framework to the chain. Arbitrum one happens to be one of the most sought-after and new-age layer 2 upgrading solutions where Ethereum is concerned.

This merging together happens to be yet another move towards their goal of being able to offer a decentralized and maximum functional RPC framework to an entire retinue of supported blockchains. All of the connected developers of the Arbitrum One ecosystem will now find themselves in the position of erecting a Pocket Network endpoint instantly. 

Pocket Network happens to be pleased with the merger, as in its opinion, Arbitrum happens to have an extremely healthy ecosystem and the capability of upgrading the ecosystem. This aspect seemingly provides Pocket network’s aim and intention an added thrust in being able to offer a continuous framework in terms of Web3 solutions which will become the pathway to the future. Besides all of that, the entity also happens to be backing a whole list of Layer 2, as well as sidechain solutions.

For all concerned, Arbitrum happens to be a layer 2 scaling solution in the case of Ethereum. It happens to be utilizing a fusion of off-chain computation, along with on-chain powering, in order to enhance the upgradability and functioning of Ethereum-oriented dApps. With the dependency on Arbitrum Rollup, it happens to be Arbitrum One that manages to carry out the processing of all transactions in a much quicker way and at a decreased cost. This, however, does not alter all safety and security-related factors.

Over and above, and all things considered, Arbitrum happens to be possessing yet another chain on the Ethereum main net, which happens to be the Arbitrum Nova. This is an Arbitrum AnyTrust chain. It does not possess similar decentralization, trustlessness, and permissionless safety features with regard to a roll-up chain akin to Arbitrum One.  

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