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nChain gets a prestige boost as it joins the LexisNexis Top 100 Innovators list

Business analysts LexisNexis have recognized nChain as one of its Top 100 innovators in a report released this week. The publication, titled “Innovation Momentum: The Global Top 100,” lists the firms it regards as leading the cause to “find innovative solutions to today’s challenges, and laying the intellectual property foundations for further breakthroughs.”

Now in its second annual edition, the report focuses on intellectual property and looks at shifts in patent portfolio strength to identify teams contributing most to scientific and technological advancement.

nChain is dedicated to research, development, and software for the enterprise data management and blockchain space, using the Bitcoin (BSV) network as its primary driver. Founded in 2015 by Chief Scientist and Bitcoin inventor Dr. Craig S. Wright, the Swiss-headquartered company recently appointed Christen Ager-Hanssen as CEO and has a team of over 200 engineers.

It also has an impressive research library, with over 1,000 research papers looking at applications for blockchain technology across industries, and over 400 licensable inventions. It has compiled its IP into the nChain Knowledge Database, a user-friendly and easily-searchable record of its IP products and research for future application developers to build upon.

Recognition builds nChain’s status among tech giants

Speaking to CoinGeek, nChain Director of Research Owen Vaughan thanked LexisNexis and the team behind nChain’s R&D work and noted their talents in helping build a firm that could rival some of the technology industry’s biggest names.

“Our team is composed of world-leading experts in different fields working full-time on cutting-edge blockchain research. We value curiosity, rigour, sharing knowledge, and a focus on relevant and practical use cases. We work hard to turn our ideas into working prototypes to prove their viability and to make it easier for our partners to integrate our IP,” he said.

nChain had not sought inclusion in LexisNexis’ list itself, and this marks an important acknowledgment from the wider industry, he added:

“This is why our work is valued so highly in real-world impact metrics as recognised by LexisNexis. The report is particularly gratifying as it is was produced entirely independent with no input from us, and is based purely on external public markers of quality. It puts us in the same category as brands such as Alphabet, Meta, and Amazon,” he pointed out.

CEO Ager-Hanssen also said he was happy to see nChain recognized for its main mission.

“At nChain, we are both delighted and proud to be part of this select group of innovative companies for second year running. Innovation is at the core of our company mission to transform the world from Web2 to Web3, and our patents are the foundations for many companies to seamlessly make this transition. Joining this Top 100 is testament to the impact that our patents are making on many businesses that have chosen to adopt our technology for its scalability, speed, and efficiency,” he stated.

nChain’s IP library includes technologies that will be vital in the future to build the newest iterations of the internet and online services, commonly called “Web3“. As well as blockchain infrastructure and applications, its research also covers cryptography, network analytics, and more cutting-edge advancements in Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs) and IPv6. These will lead to faster, more useful, and more secure online applications as the world produces ever-higher volumes of data and searches for new ways to manage all that information.

To learn more about central bank digital currencies and some of the design decisions that need to be considered when creating and launching it, read nChain’s CBDC playbook.

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