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MSBG 2023 Update: Meternet Secure Blockchain Grid Upgraded with Corda v4.1 to Better Service Decentralized Energy Grids

MSBG Corporation has announced the retooling of its Meternet Secure Blockchain Grid solution to better service Decentralized Energy Grids with Corda v4.1 private blockchain upgrade and hardware bundle options.

The MSBG Decentralized Energy Grid Bundle upgrades include:
1. Incorporating the CORDA v4.1 enterprise-class private blockchain protocol
2. Integrating digital billing & settlements using legacy debit and credit cards utilizing e-signatures
3. Optional Revenue Grade Certified Socket Meters and Embedded Meters
4. Optional Photovoltaic Panels and Building Integrated PV (BIPV) components
5. Optional Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)
6. Enhanced Project Engineering & Support services

MSBG is currently reviewing candidate locations to select and deploy two DEG Pilot Projects late 2023.

Corda is a blockchain—with one key differentiator. Corda does not periodically batch up transactions needing confirmation — into a block — and confirm them in one go. Instead, Corda confirms each transaction in real-time and is optimized for private enterprise operations in regulated markets. Backed by major financial institutions worldwide, Tier One companies using Corda Blockchain Platform include: MetLife, China Merchants Bank, State Bank of India, HSBC Bank plc, BNP Paribas and many more.

About Decentralized Energy Grids
Decentralized energy grids refer to a system of distributing energy production and distribution where power generation and consumption occur at or near the same location, rather than relying on centralized power plants and transmission networks. The benefits of decentralized energy grids include:

1. Increased Energy Efficiency: Decentralized energy grids reduce transmission losses, increase energy efficiency, and lower the carbon footprint.

2. Increased Reliability: By having multiple small-scale energy sources instead of a single large source, the risk of power outages is reduced.

3. Improved Energy Access: Decentralized energy grids can provide energy access to remote or rural communities that may be difficult to reach with centralized power.

4. Increased Energy Security: Decentralized energy grids reduce the risk of blackouts and other disruptions caused by large centralized power grids.

5. Increased Economic Development: Decentralized energy grids can help create new jobs and stimulate local economic development.

6. Increased Sustainability: Decentralized energy grids can facilitate the use of renewable energy sources and reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

Overall, decentralized energy grids offer a more resilient, secure, and sustainable approach to energy production and distribution.

About MSBG Corp
Formed in 2014, MSBG pivoted to the Energy segment in 2018. MSBG continues development of Decentralized Energy Grid (DEG) bundles that will manage generation, metering, tracking, billing and settlements for electric co-op, campus and community microgrids that are decentralized. Utilizing our MeterNet Secure Blockchain Grid integrated bundle solution, DEGs can efficiently and securely manage renewable electric power generation, metering, billing and settlements.

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1621 Central Ave, Cheyenne, Wyoming, 82001 USA

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