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Crypto REVIEW for January 2023 – will February continue to be GREEN?

January was a great month for the cryptocurrency market, with prices soaring high. As the month came to a close, many investors were left wondering what the future would hold for their crypto investments. February brought some much-needed stability and already started on a green note. In this article, we review Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Solana. We will also mention two cryptocurrencies that have an interesting future ahead ?

How did Cryptos perform in January 2023?

On an aggregate level, most cryptocurrencies increased by more than 35% since the beginning of the year 2023. The market cap of cryptocurrencies stood around $800 billion. Currently, this valuation is around $1.1 trillion and is looking for higher valuations in the months to come.

Fig.1 Total Crypto Market Cap in USD – coinmarketcap

Crypto Review for January 2023 – Top Winners

From the biggest cryptocurrencies by market cap, here are the best performances of the month of January 2023.

#1 Bitcoin (BTC): + 47 %
#2 Bitcoin Cash (BCH): + 45 %
#3 Litecoin (LTC): + 43 %
#4 Ethereum (ETH): + 40 %

exchange comparison

Will February 2023 be Green for Cryptos?

So far, the month of February 2023 is looking promising for cryptos. Most cryptocurrencies already increased in the past 4 days. However, it is important to note that some tokens reached strong resistance price areas. This means that possible price adjustments might occur, especially after the bullish month of January.

To hedge this risk, it is important to place adequate stop-loss areas. In case prices fall, the automatic triggers will liquidate your positions immediately. Make sure to check out this guide on how to become a successful trader.

Which Cryptos to Buy for February 2023?

There is no doubt that when the crypto market is up, all cryptocurrencies go up. However, not all tokens go up by the same percentage, as some rise more than others. Here are 2 cryptocurrencies to look out for in February 2023, and their performances in Janunary 2023:

  • Dogecoin (DOGE): + 38 %
  • Solana (SOL): + 108%

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