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#Bitcoin to receive #NFTs with this new groundbreaking project

  • NFT token protocol Ordinals is soon to launch NFTs on the Bitcoin mainnet. 
  • Ordinals receive massive criticism from the Bitcoin ecosystem, as many reject the vision of its creator.

Ordinals, a protocol made to allow the minting of NFTs on the Bitcoin blockchain, has been making rounds since it launched on January 21st. Even if NFTs are typically minting on other blockchains like Ethereum and Polygon, Casey Rodarmor who is behind the creation of Ordinals is bringing NCT inscriptions to the Bitcoin blockchain. While comparing to the NFTs, he refers to these artifacts to be of “higher standards”  Seeing they can’t be stored off-chain and on centralized servers with back-door keys.

Ordinals also have a specific implementation known as Ord. Ord makes it possible for users to track the precise location of certain satoshis ( satoshi is the smallest unit there can be of Bitcoin, 1 satoshi = 0.00000001 BTC) and ordinal numbers that have been assigned by the Ordinal protocol. Individual satoshis inscribed with arbitrary content can also be created, shared, and viewed.

With the presence of Ordinals, Satoshis can now be inscribed with a variety of content including videos, and images to be transferable in an NFT-like manner.

Bitcoin proponents are dissatisfied with Ordinals

As always there are two sides to the”coin”. There has been a debate on the matter which has brought about mixed signals. Many claims that the launch of Ordinals takes away from the original idea and goal of Bitcoin’s creation. To this, Ordinal’s creator insists that Bitcoin’s creation goes beyond its creator’s intentions.

Casey Rodarmor, a former Bitcoin Core contributor spoke on the criticism he has been receiving. He claims to love the haters and explains that they conversely help more people to find out about the project as they engage more in criticizing it.

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“I think that being able to not just do NFTs on Bitcoin, but to make them far-and-away better, for both technical and social reasons, is great for Bitcoin, and will be great for adoption and goodwill, and get people into Bitcoin who like fun. We don’t have enough fun!” He says while speaking on the project.

Ordinals itself hasn’t been free of malfunctions and implications. As more people get access to mint tons of NFT tokens on the Bitcoin network, usage has been rising, and the result is an increase in the transaction fee charges on the Bitcoin network. The transaction fees on the Bitcoin network have now reached levels that were last seen in over a year.

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Ordinals was also hit with a shocking pornographic image that was inscribed on the Bitcoin Blockchain, through the Ordinals protocol. The image has since been taken down, but stayed up for an hour before it got removed.

Casey Rodarmor tells Cointelegraph that he’s working to ensure that images like that are not able to make their way to Ordinals website.

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