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Kana Labs is onboarding Polygon blockchain ecosystem

Kana Labs is pleased and proud to announce that they will add the Polygon blockchain ecosystem to their entire retinue of products. In the case of Kana Labs, it is a chain-agnostic multi-chain DeFi super app. It is working hard to increase the number of backed blockchains in its product portfolio. 

They are currently supporting the Solana, Aptos, and Neon EVM blockchain networks. The ultimate aim and intention of the company is to be known as an absolute multi-chain behemoth. Their entire strategy is to continue adding blockchain networks to their existing product ecosystem.

The incorporation of the Polygon blockchain, along with its dApp ecosystem, will provide the opportunity to move towards attaining the role of a DeFi super app with cross-chain liquidity. It will also help link aggregation functionalities while linking the EVM and non-EVM arenas. In the very near future, plans are afoot for the expansion of various EVMs, such as BSC, Arbitrum, Avalanche, and a whole lot of others.

Where the Polygon blockchain is concerned, it is a layer 2 network that has been created on the Ethereum blockchain network. The Ethereum ecosystem changed the entire scenario of the Web3 space with the building of a lot of use cases pertaining to the financial services segment, such as DeFi, and further, heightening different use cases like virtual reality, decentralized gaming, and NFTs. Being a layer 2 network, Polygon has focused its entire attention on highlighting the advantages of the Ethereum blockchain. This is in terms of the benefit the user gets in the form of quicker transactions and lower costs.

This collaboration between the two entities enables access to a vast ecosystem of dApps currently available on the market. It also provides the opportunity for users belonging to Polygon, as well as various other supported blockchain networks, to be able to connect with more developers and end-users. It will also be possible for users to carry out swaps in the Polygon chain and crisscross to other chains, such as Solana and Aptos. 

The developers creating dApps on top of Kana Lab’s cross-chain bridge, along with the liquidity aggregation layer, will immensely benefit as they will receive the advantages of all three blockchain ecosystems from a single UI or UX.

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