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Blur discovers a way to avoid being blacklisted by OpenSea

Blur, the second-largest NFT marketplace in terms of volume, has discovered a practical method of avoiding being blacklisted by Opensea. For those unaware, OpenSea is the undisputed market leader in NFT operations. OpenSea started an Operator Filter Registry in November 2022. 

Due to OpenSea’s decision to forgo enforcing royalties against the collection on its own marketplace, developers of new NFT collections were forced to make a trade-off between using the mechanism that blocked token trading on marketplaces that did not require it and doing without or not using, the tool that stopped token trading on those marketplaces.

It is challenging for creators to make decisions, given that most NFT trading occurs on OpenSea. However, it is still true that by using the program, creators lose out on the possibility of gaining more visibility on marketplaces like LooksRare, SudoSwap, and Blur. None of these are interested in enforcing royalties. Blur incorporated the Seaport marketplace protocol, which is free to use and helps against being blacklisted, specifically for this kind of scenario. This particular protocol was one that was reportedly introduced by OpenSea itself at some point in the year prior.

With the utilization of Seaport, Blur users are allowed to list NFTs that have applied OpenSea’s filters. However, the fact is that the NFT listings on Blur, with the utilization of the Seaport protocol, come with compulsory royalty fees. In the view of Panda Jackson, who is the pseudonymous analyst, Blur has found the answer in terms of a new marketplace for NFTs to fill the gap.  

With Blur utilizing Seaport, artists can witness royalties being collected on Blur and on OpenSea. In the bargain, Blur will get further volume, while the traders will find themselves in the position of having access to NFTs on Blur with no trading fees being charged. Everyone concerned happens to be in a wait-and-watch mode to see whether Blur and OpenSea are able to reconcile in some way or another, ending this fiasco once and for all. 

However, as things stand, Blur, from the very start, has been inclined toward the traders. Unlike OpenSea, Blur encourages traders to indulge in quicker trades and gain the opportunity of increasing their earnings on Blur.

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