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Dooplication goes live with endless utility

Doodles has announced that Dooplication is now live. The news was shared with the community through its official Twitter handle. Users now gain access to three different models, namely Very Common, Common, and Rare. The entire process is divided into three different stages.

The first step is to duplicate traits from the Doodle. This grants users OG wearables; extracting the same leads to the next stage, where they can trade, explore, and collect wearables at the Gaia Marketplace. Users are eligible to receive a maximum of 9 wearables along with a Beta Pass.

Beta Pass is a key element of the third and final stage. It has yet to be launched by the team. Once launched, it will enable access to Doodles 2 beta.

The three models are Very Common, Common, and Rare.

Very Common comes loaded with a balance in terms of its utility. It offers good dooplication output with a total of 6,250 elements. The second model is Common. It offers extraordinary power with enhanced output and 2,085 elements. Rare is the ultimate dooplicator, granting the highest concentration of doodle-y matter with the best dooplication output. Users can claim 1 of 1,040 from the category.

Dooplicator Marketplace helps users own a doodle despite not owning one. The marketplace allows a person to buy someone else’s right to Dooplicate the Doodle. In the same way, a person can enlist their Doodle with a price and terms for others to buy.

The news has been well received by the community, with some calling it super clean and others calling them the best team in the segment. Doodle’s announcement comes a day after it shared tips to consider while engaging with Dooplication.

Users must initially dock their Doodles carefully. Wearables and a Beta Pass cannot be claimed until a doodle has been duplicated. The same can be discovered, purchased, and sold in the market. The Checker Tool enables users to determine if a doodle has been dooplicated and if the dooplicator still has the OG wearables charge.

The right to dooplicate someone else’s Doodle can only be bought at the Dooplicator Marketplace by agreeing to the ETH fee.

A right to dooplicate the Doodle can be sold at a fixed price. It requires the user to draft a listing and get it approved. The listing can be modified at any time. These efforts have been appreciated by the community, which has acknowledged its consistent delivery of great work.

The Doodles collection consists of 10,000 non-fungible tokens. Burnt Toast’s design is responsible for the presence of these visually appealing characteristics. Doodles feature cats, skellys, apes, and mascots, among other figures. The Doodle universe is expanding without compromising the ability of the community to vote on essential items and services.

It is backed by the community treasury, the Doodlebank, which is responsible for raising $5 million to fund experiences like these.

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