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As Bitcoin Prepares for Bull Run, Could Projects Like Meta Masters Guild Shape the Crypto Market?

The crypto market looks like it is on the verge of experiencing a bull run that could lead the market strongly into the future. Bitcoin is close to its next support level and many other tokens are also breaking out of bad patterns. It’s looking increasingly like certain trends, and projects within those trends will do well as we head into a bullish market.

The Play-to-Earn (P2E) model has gained widespread attention in the crypto market in recent years. This innovative earning method has captured the attention of individuals in the video game industry and beyond. Despite being a relatively new concept, the refinement of P2E is underway, and further development is expected in the future.

Meta Masters Guild is a project that aims to enhance the P2E model in the crypto market. This platform serves as a mobile gaming guild in the Web3 space and combines the best of P2E with new ideas and effective implementation. The recent presale of Meta Masters Guild was a huge success, attracting a large number of individuals from the crypto community.

Meta Masters Guild serves as a prime example of how P2E can be effectively utilized in the rapidly growing mobile gaming space. The project is completely focused on the community and believes in “Play & Earn” instead of “Play2Earn.” The following sections will examine Meta Masters Guild in detail, including its ecosystem, the games available on the platform, and the details of its presale. This project has the potential to completely transform the Web3 gaming space.

Is There a Bull Market Forming?

What are the signs of a bull market? Well, the key indicators of a bull market include rising prices, increased trading volume, and positive sentiment among investors. In a bull market, cryptocurrencies are in high demand and investors are confident in their future prospects.

One of the hallmarks of a bull market is an increase in trading volume. The higher volume of trades is a clear indication of increased demand for cryptocurrencies. This, in turn, leads to higher market capitalization, as the value of cryptocurrencies increases. This attracts new investors, both institutional and retail, to the market, further fueling demand.

In a bull market, there is also a greater focus on development and innovation in the crypto space. New projects and advancements in technology lead to greater adoption and growth of cryptocurrencies. The positive sentiment and outlook among investors also create an environment that encourages continued growth and development. This virtuous cycle of development, adoption, and growth is what drives a crypto bull market.

The crypto market looks healthier than it’s been in a while, with all the signs of a revival in place. Bitcoin is edging toward $24,000 and many altcoins are projected to do well alongside the market’s biggest assets.

What is Play-to-Earn and Why It Could Lead the Industry

Play-to-Earn is a model that allows players to earn rewards through their gameplay. The rewards are often in the form of in-game currencies or assets. This model has several benefits, including increased engagement and motivation for players, true ownership and control over virtual items, and the creation of a secondary market for in-game assets.

One of the key advantages of Play-to-Earn is that it operates on blockchain technology, enabling decentralized and secure ownership and trading of in-game assets. This creates a new level of ownership and control for players, as they have the ability to own and trade their virtual items. The Play-to-Earn model also offers new revenue streams for game developers, as they can sell in-game assets and benefit from the creation of a secondary market.

In addition to the financial benefits, Play-to-Earn also fosters a sense of community and social interaction among players. The model encourages players to trade and compete for in-game rewards, strengthening the community and providing a new level of engagement. Overall, the Play-to-Earn model offers a unique and innovative way for players to engage with and benefit from their gameplay, while also offering benefits for game developers and the gaming industry.

What is the Meta Masters Guild?

Meta Masters Guild is the epitome of what a mobile gaming guild for the Web3 world should be. Its definition is simple, yet it packs a punch with the multitude of features it offers to players. The project brings together a collection of ideas to form a seamless ecosystem that operates harmoniously.

The Web3 aspect of Meta Masters Guild is highlighted by the prominent role NFTs play within its framework. This platform will undoubtedly delight NFT collectors, as they will have ample opportunities to showcase their digital assets. But, the project’s true objective is to provide gamers with entertaining games that also come with a reward system, staking, and trading opportunities, all powered by NFTs.

At the heart of Meta Masters Guild lies the passion to deliver a gaming experience that is both enjoyable and engaging. Whether it’s the use of NFTs or the offering of rewards, staking, and trading, the project aims to be the future of P2E and a hub for all your gaming needs. Discover more about what the Meta Masters Guild has in store for you.

Meta Masters Guild is not shy about expressing its criticism of the current gaming industry. It deems the industry as one of the most pernicious in the world, pointing out its shortcomings in terms of game quality and monetization methods.


In response to these shortcomings, Meta Masters Guild aspires to build a platform that is player-centric. This involves taking into consideration player feedback and providing a platform where they can not only play their favorite games but also earn from their experience. They envision a gaming ecosystem where players can indulge in their passion while earning a return on their investment.


To this end, Meta Masters Guild introduces the Play and Earn model, where players are encouraged to play games for the sheer love of the game. While the opportunity to earn is a significant perk, the focus remains on providing an enjoyable gaming experience. In this way, Meta Masters Guild seeks to strike a balance between play and reward, making it a win-win situation for players.

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The Features of Meta Masters Guild

The Meta Masters focus on becoming a playground for Web3 enthusiasts. It is the world’s first mobile-focused Web3 gaming guild, as we mentioned. It describes its mission as building “high quality, blockchain integrated mobile games that will form a decentralized gaming ecosystem, allowing members to sustainably earn rewards in exchange for their contribution to the ecosystem.”

The cornerstone of Meta Masters Guild lies in four fundamental principles: fun-oriented gameplay, player-controlled assets, community-led development, and opportunities for earning. These principles shape the platform’s approach to game design, which prioritizes fun above all else. Players are given complete ownership and control over the assets they acquire, and the platform places emphasis on community engagement, empowering players to have a say in the direction of the games they love.

Among the features that Meta Masters Guild has, and which represent the design principles, are:

  • The ability to play games to win gems
  • Exchanging those gems for MEMAG tokens
  • Winning or buying NFTs from a store
  • Staking tokens and NFTs to earn yields
  • Exchanging MEMAG for other tokens like ETH and USDT

While the concept of Play-to-Earn has gained traction, Meta Masters Guild differentiates itself by adopting a Play and Earn model. The platform recognizes the importance of sustainable earning mechanics, ensuring that the focus remains on delivering a fun gaming experience. The team is confident that this approach is the key to providing a well-rounded gaming experience for players.

The Ecosystem of Meta Masters Guild

The backbone of the Meta Masters Guild ecosystem is the MEMAG token. Each game within the system will grant players in-game rewards in the form of Gems, which can then be exchanged for the MEMAG token. These tokens can be cashed out or reinvested back into the Meta Masters Guild community.

The team believes that this design will encourage players to spend more time and resources within the ecosystem because it fairly compensates them, a key aspect they believe is lacking in the current Web3 gaming landscape.

In addition to earning tokens through gameplay, players can also purchase premium NFTs from the Meta Masters Guild store, which will be stored in their wallet and usable within the games. These premium items have enhanced stats, giving players a greater chance to earn more Gems.

To cultivate a thriving gaming community, the team is actively working to bring on developers and establish partnerships for building quality games. Highly skilled players will also be rewarded, with top-level players receiving additional benefits. In addition, the project is dedicated to supporting official eSports teams and content creators who are interested in playing its titles, which will help to grow the player base and bring awareness to the potential of the platform.

Three Meta Masters Guild Games On the Horizon

The team behind Meta Masters Guild is developing a variety of high-quality games that offer players the opportunity to earn rewards by contributing to the MEMAG ecosystem. Currently, three games are on the horizon: Meta Kart Racers, Meta Masters World, and Raid NFT.

Meta Kart Racers, developed by Gamearound, is a mobile PvP racing game where players compete against each other to escape the evil Meta overlords. The players’ success will result in the earning of gems that can be traded for MEMAG.

Meta Masters World is a metaverse exploration game that offers players a vast world to explore. The game promises full autonomy, allowing players to participate in activities such as resource collection and competition participation. Currently, the game is in the conceptual stage.

Raid NFT, on the other hand, is a turn-based fighting game where players choose from different warrior classes and battle other players in challenging environments. The players earn gems for defeating others and completing challenges. It can be played solo or against others, catering to both single-player and multiplayer enthusiasts. The game is currently in the design stage.

Check Out the Meta Masters Guild Presale

The MEMAG Presale is Selling Out Quickly


The presale for Meta Masters Guild’s MEMAG token is currently taking place. The token is currently in the fourth stage of its presale, with 1 MEMAG costing 0.016 USDT. It has raised over $2 million so far.

The current presale stage will end in about 10 days, and then the MEMAG token price will increase to 0.019 USDT. As such, those interested will want to enter now to get the lowest price possible.

The token can be purchased through one of three options: ETH, USDT, and a card. This offers a good few options to users and the fiat option is especially helpful for crypto beginners.

Meta Masters Guild is also running a $100,000 giveaway contest at the moment. The contest is a simple one, with participants only having to complete a few minor tasks. Most of these have to do with social media. Examples include following the project on Twitter, joining the Telegram group, tweeting about the project, visiting the subreddit, and so on.

There is a total supply of 1 billion tokens. The ecosystem has a 5% NFT royalty fee which goes back to the Meta Masters Guild treasury. There is no cap for individual purchases.

The presale has been allotted 35% of the supply i.e. there are 350 million tokens being sold in the presale. 15% each has been dedicated to the ecosystem and marketplace, so that makes up 300 million. 10% each has been dedicated to company reserve, team, and exchanging listings, amounting to another 300 million. The remaining 5% has been budgeted for liquidity purposes.

Meta Masters Guild is What P2E Gaming Needs

Meta Masters Guild is a unique platform for Web3 gaming on mobile devices. It has all the necessary elements to become a successful platform, including features that indicate its potential.

The presale for MEMAG is selling out quickly and is worth considering for those interested in the project. To obtain the token at the lowest price, it is recommended to act quickly and enter the presale as soon as possible. Once the token is listed on exchanges, it is expected to become highly popular within the Web3 space.

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