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Ludovic Moncla joins VT Markets

VT Markets has a stronghold in the industry, with a lot of credit going to its affiliate program. Sure, it needs someone with a big enough name to take care of the reputation, and it looks like VT Markets has made a choice for the person who would be responsible for handling the department.

Ludovic Moncla has made an entry into the community of VT Markets after having a good run with JFD Bank, where he worked as Head of Affiliation. With a decade of experience, Ludovic Moncla takes pride in handling multiple positions throughout his career, including, but probably not limited to, Business Development Manager and Head of Sales.

Ludovic Moncla’s ability to be multilingual sets him apart in his role as Head of Affiliates. This enables him to reach out to a wider audience and convince them to get on board with the VT Markets affiliate program. Furthermore, explaining what the product does and how VT Markets handles commissions becomes much easier.

Ludovic Moncla knows English, French, Spanish, and Greek. That is, Ludovic Moncla alone provides VT Markets with access to potential affiliates in four languages. This is likely to come in handy not just in recruiting affiliates but also while cross-selling the initiatives launched by the venture.

One of the best forex brokers in the UK, VT Markets, is in a strong position with all of its licenses and well-established offices in different parts of the country.

Ludovic Moncla talked about joining VT Markets, saying that he was thrilled to join the team that rides high on the fastest-growing factor of the company. Ludovic Moncla has appreciated VT Markets, saying that it brings a fresh perspective to the industry.

The personal goals of Ludovic Moncla align with the overall objectives of VT Markets, further motivating him to join the team as soon as possible. The Managing Director of VT Markets has responded to his statement by expressing pride in having him on the team and adding that the venture is sure that Ludovic Moncla’s knowledge and passion will be effective for the company.

Ludovic Moncla will be responsible for helping to drive the growth of the customer base at VT Markets. Moreover, he will ensure that the affiliate space is constantly driven by innovation through new products. Data insights will be made available to him to make better decisions during the course as he attempts to build stronger relationships with affiliates.

VT Markets, also taking inspiration from the VT Markets review, has taken this opportunity to announce that it will soon be integrating TradingView  and Signal Center as part of its roadmap for the current year. The company is also planning to roll out 1:1000 leverage for forex and gold products, keeping it unique only to the customer base of VT Markets.

Having Ludovic Moncla on the team will yield positive results that will be tangible in the times to come.

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