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DOS Labs launches Avalanche Subnet for Alliance of Gaming Studios

DOS Labs recently announced the launch of its Avalanche subnet. The subnet has been designed for the Alliance of Gaming Studios.

As a gaming studio with 400K+ daily players, DOS Labs boasts a wide network of Web3 developers. The subnet will be used to support asset management tools, an exchange, and more. 

For example, the subnet will provide the developers with SDKs to affordably and quickly incorporate Web3 features into games. It will lower the barrier placed on blockchain gaming creation.

A gaming studio team has already initiated the development of Web3 games on the DOS Labs subnet. DOS Labs has already established the Vietnam Game Developer Association. Over 11 publishers and studios have come forward to join the association.

The members include names like Imba Games, Suga, Heroes and Empires, and other notable studios. All of the members will collaborate to bring unique gaming titles to the subnet. The upcoming games will boast unique backstories and characters in MetaDOS, the long-anticipated Battle Royale by DOS Labs.

It will be a free Battle Royale set to launch in June 2023. In MetaDOS, players will battle with 200 other players in a match. The game will also introduce the concept of “Time-as-currency” into the Battle Royale genre. 

Every player in the game will have a fixed time after entering the game. As the time runs out, the players are eliminated. Thus, players must fight and gain time to win rewards as the last player stands. 

Even DOS Labs’ co-founder, Anh Le, talked about the launch. According to Anh Le, DOS Labs aims to bring the best Web3 experience to users. Currently, players must go through 20 odd steps to play NFT games. However, DOS Labs seeks to reduce the steps to only three.

The entire DOS team also believes in the growth of Avalanche and the subnet, where players and developers will benefit. Heroes and Empires and MetaDOS will be the first movers on the subnet, according to Anh Le.

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