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A sheer display of speed, innovation & technology

AvaTrade and Aston Martin Formula 1 have partnered together, making the Ireland-based forex broker the official trading partner of the racing team. The development comes at the right time, signalling AvaTrade’s commitment to growing while becoming a user-friendly platform.

The partnership between AvaTrade and Aston Martin Formula 1 was announced by AvaTrade through a press statement wherein it highlighted that the partnership is based on innovation, speed, advanced technology, and precision. AvaTrade has also highlighted that it remains committed to revolutionizing online trading by providing a trading environment that is trustworthy and user-oriented.

What brings both brands together is their sharing the same outlook and values in the said sphere. For instance, AvaTrade aims to drive the potential of inventors, and Aston Martin Formula 1 seeks to maximize its driving potential. The tone has been echoed by Daire Ferguson, the CEO of AvaTrade, adding that Aston Martin Formula 1 knows what it takes to achieve success, making it a preferable partner for collaboration.

Jefferson Slack, the MD of Commercial & Marketing at Aston Martin Formula 1, has contributed to this statement by drawing a parallel between both brands’ support systems and infrastructure.

AvaTrade and Aston Martin Formula 1 partnership follow the announcement of a strategic partnership between AvaTrade and Capitalise.ai. This partnership has enabled AvaTrade to launch automated trading features for its customers. The trading feature has starred in nearly every AvaTrade broker review, thoroughly cementing its power in the industry with the feature.

The automated trading feature has been designed to make it convenient for traders to execute their trades. A few capabilities that come loaded to the feature are:

  • Analysis tools
  • No-code freestyle text interface
  • Strategy examples

Daire Ferguson has backed the strategic partnership by saying that it further strengthens the commitment to better serve its customers.

Amir Shiovich, the Co-Founder & CEO of Capitalise.ai, has contributed to this statement by adding that the partnership is a vote of confidence for its online trading automation capabilities.

AvaTrade was founded in 2006 and has achieved the milestone of becoming one of the best forex brokers across the world in a rather short time. It currently sports 300,000+ traders who have officially registered on the platform, with the trading volume crossing the mark of $70 billion every month. It is present in several regions like Japan, Australia, and the British Virgin Islands, to mention a few. AvaTrade is also one of the forex brokers in the Philippines. Others on the list are IC Markets, XM, Pepperstone, etc.

It is headquartered in Ireland with a wide range of products available for trading – Stocks, Forex, Commodities, FXOptions, Indices, Bonds, and cryptocurrencies.

The trading fees on AvaTrade are comparatively low; however, traders are required to deposit at least $100, or an equivalent amount in another currency, to initially fund their accounts. Currencies supported by AvaTrade are USD, GBP, JPY, CHF, and EUR, among others. Traders can seek help from the support team 5 days a week via email address and direct contact.

Operations of AvaTrade are regulated in every region by the relevant authorities. It has to be noted that the forex broker imposes an inactivity fee of $50 for every quarter. Hence, it is recommended to stay active on the platform as much as possible. This, in a way, enables traders to keep track of the performance of their portfolios.

A partnership with Aston Martin Formula 1 as a trading partner has just been rooted on paper. It has a long way to go, with many more developments to be shared in the days to come.

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