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The Sandbox partners with ZeptoLab for an enhanced Web3 experience

The Sandbox recently announced a strategic partnership with ZeptoLab. The collaboration will see the parties creating a new Web3 space full of unique experiences.

As the creator of titles like King of Thieves, Bullet Echo, Cut the Rope, and CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars, ZeptoLab boasts a renowned name. With their assistance, The Sandbox will offer digital collectibles and experiences based on digital ownership.

ZeptoLab will also gain LAND from the partnership, enabling users to moderate the Om Nom Cafe. Situated in Nomville city, the space serves customers with a themed cafe. It also offers a challenging and exciting arcade management game.

Besides the Om Nom Cafe, The Sandbox and ZeptoLab will collaborate to design digital collectibles. These collectibles are based on Nommies and Ancestors from the Cut the Rope franchise. They will also feature some equipment and accessories to personalize the avatars.

Sebastien Borget, the Co-Founder and COO of The Sandbox, talked about the recent development. According to Borget, The Sandbox is delighted to welcome ZeptoLab into the metaverse.

Everyone on the team is looking forward to witnessing every Cut the Rope creation to be built in the metaverse. The experience will be unique as users will truly own their creations, added Borget. 

As a virtual real estate with the properties of an amusement park, The Sandbox has fully embraced the metaverse. It has created a shared virtual space where heroes and worlds merge to create magic. 

The platform has established ties with 400+ partners, including names like Snoop Dogg, The Walking Dead, Adidas, Ubisoft, Warner Music Group, etc. Given its massive standing in the market, the partnership is expected to be a hit for ZeptoLand. 

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