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Floki launches a campaign to attract additional Chinese users

Predictions suggest that China will play a significant role in the cryptocurrency industry’s future expansion. Taking this as a cue and desiring to capitalize on the situation, Floki has launched a campaign in an effort to attract a vast number of Chinese users. There are plans for the future and effective measures to attain the same. In the near future, however, they will initiate the delivery of a Chinese version of Valhalla, their cutting-edge project and metaverse game. China is currently the world’s largest market for video games.

Given that there are 701.8 million gamers in China and the country generates over $45 billion from the online gaming business, this presents Floki and other companies with an immensely profitable prospect. They will find that introducing Valhalla will be really helpful in this regard. With its innovative gaming techniques, Play-To-Earn economy, and joint repositioning of Floki and Valhalla, Floki will become the undisputed top cryptocurrency in China.

To be able to rope in the hordes of users, Floki has already started the process. As part of their plan, they have taken the initiative of translating the Floki whitepaper into Chinese. It will benefit the Chinese in the study of Floki in terms of a project, and they will also be able to remain updated on all developments. The websites of both Floki and Valhalla are presently also being translated into Chinese, making it convenient for crypto users to engage in further interactions.

They have also developed a special alliance with Btok, the top Chinese crypto social media platform, to accomplish their goal successfully. According to the agreement, Floki advertisements will run for three months on the Btok launch page. Additionally, and for the same duration, the advertisements can be accessed on the Btok conversation page. The operation of a Floki airdrop campaign is also included in the strategy. For its part, Btok has given Floki permission to use its Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT for marketing purposes.

Furthermore, arrangements are being made for some prime crypto and financial publications to mention the entry of Floki into the Chinese market, which will lend it more credibility. According to their plans, the campaign will begin on February 12, 2023, and will last three months. Following that, there will be an assessment done, and changes, if necessary, will be carried out. Their ultimate goal and intent are to capture as much of the Chinese market as possible.

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