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Best Crypto to Buy Today 7 February – MEMAG, FET, FGHT, FXS, CCHG

The cryptocurrency market has been relatively stable over the past 24 hours, with only minor fluctuations in prices. Despite a strong start to the year, the recent surge in crypto prices seems to have lost momentum, with Bitcoin and other digital assets seemingly consolidating. Amid this backdrop, what are the best cryptos to buy today?

The price of Bitcoin is currently at $23,069 with a 0.05% gain for the day. Although the leading cryptocurrency has seen impressive growth of 40% since the start of the year, it has failed to hold above the $24,000 level and has returned to the $23,000 range. As of writing, the crypto market has seen net inflows of $11.443 billion for today’s trading session, with the market cap now standing at $1.019 trillion.

The cryptocurrency market remains relatively stable, with minor fluctuations in prices and a decline in the momentum of the recent crypto rally. While it is unclear where the market is headed next, investors wanting to take positions in this consolidation phase should consider tokens with a positive fundamental and/or technical outlook, such as MEMAG, FET, FGHT, FXS, and CCHG, which are among the best cryptos to buy today.

Meta Masters Guild Launching Cutting-Edge Mobile Gaming Network

The Meta Masters Guild (MMG) is poised to launch its groundbreaking Web3 Gaming guild, offering players a dynamic and engaging gaming experience. The guild will provide a hub for players of various mobile games and establish an economy based on the MEMAG cryptocurrency, fostering a sense of community and providing rewards for gamers’ skills and contributions.

MMG is breaking new ground in the mobile gaming world, incorporating the latest Web3 technology and crafting games with a focus on players’ needs. Players will be incentivized to collaborate through NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and crypto rewards.

With a transparent economy system, gamers can expect tangible value from their rewards and NFT-based items. MMG is kicking off the Meta Masters Guild ecosystem with the exciting racing game “Meta Kart Racers,” with more games in the pipeline. The pre-sale of MEMAG tokens has already seen a remarkable success, with $3.4 million raised and setting the stage for a successful launch.

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Artificial intelligence (AI) related crypto tokens, such as (FET), have seen a remarkable increase in their prices with FET currently up by 26%. 

The daily trading volumes of the top three AI-related tokens have seen an average increase of 935% in just one week. This increase can be attributed to the rising popularity of’s ChatGPT and the growing institutional interest in AI, including Microsoft’s $10 billion deal with last month and Google’s recent unveiling of its AI product ‘Bard’.

The surge in popularity of AI-related tokens, such as (FET), has led to a significant increase in their trading volumes. The daily trading volume of FET has gone up 832% in a week, and the hype around AI-related tokens has attracted retail traders looking to capitalize on the AI trend.

The price of FET is currently at $0.5473 while the 20-day EMA is at $0.32, the 50-day EMA is at $0.24, and the 100-day EMA is at $0.18, indicating a bullish trend for the cryptocurrency. The RSI (Relative Strength Index) is at 82.86, indicating that it may be overbought.

The MACD indicator shows an increase in the MACD histogram from 0.0114 to 0.0197, which is a bullish signal. The volume of 249.665 million is higher than the previous day’s volume of 237.199 million, and the volume moving average is 119.661 million.

The immediate resistance for FET is estimated to be in the range of $0.5671 to $0.6507, while the potential support is estimated to be in the range of $0.4044 to $0.4330. (FET) is showing bullish signals in the short term. However, the RSI is overbought suggesting that traders should exercise caution. The increase in volume and the bullish MACD histogram indicate a potential upward price movement, but traders should also monitor the resistance and support levels.

Fight Out Brings High Tech Community to Fitness Industry

Fight Out is set to shake up the fitness world with its innovative fitness app and upcoming gym locations. By leveraging Web3 technology, Fight Out will provide users with personalized workout plans and a supportive community to achieve their fitness goals.

With the M2E app, fitness enthusiasts can stay on track with rewards in the form of REPS tokens. Fight Out is revolutionizing the gym experience with interactive features, including user profile displays on “mirrors” and sensors that provide personalized fitness instructions and link directly to the app.

Fight Out has enlisted top athletes, such as Amanda Ribas from the UFC and former WBO middleweight champion Savannah Marshall, to act as brand ambassadors and offer users exclusive access to their content and master classes. Don’t miss the chance to join the Fight Out presale event and receive a bonus of up to 50% for investments over $50K. The presale has already raised nearly $4mn, with prices set to increase in the next stage.

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Frax Share (FXS)

Frax Share (FXS) is a cryptocurrency that has recently gained attention due to its steady price increase. The FXS token price broke out of its previous high, forming a bullish engulfing candle, and has sustained above its 200-day exponential moving average (EMA).

Coinglass reports that in the last 24 hours, the long and short ratio stands at 1.005, indicating that more traders are taking long positions. Currently, FXS is trading at $13.135 with an intraday gain of 8.46%.

The FXS token price has been in recovery mode and forming a bullish continuation pattern. The recent break out from a narrow range consolidation with a high volume of trades indicates that the buyers are returning and expecting more upward movement. The token has recently bounced from the 20-day EMA and reclaimed the 10-day EMA, reversing the positional trend in favor of the bulls. If the bulls continue their momentum, the next barrier for them will be the resistance area between $13.751 to $13.905.

Technical indicators are bullish, and the price action is also favoring the same direction, suggesting that FXS will continue to trade with a bullish bias. The MACD is preparing to generate a positive crossover, while the RSI is at 72.51, attempting to breach the overbought zone today. However, if the price were to retrace downward, the immediate support level for the bulls would be $9.5.

C+Charge (CCHG) Innovating its Way to the Top as One of the Best Cryptos to Buy Today

The electric vehicle (EV) industry is set to get a taste of a real use case for the blockchain with the introduction of C+Charge’s innovative peer to peer payment platform, EV charging app, and rewards program. Their cutting-edge system, powered by blockchain technology and strategic partnerships, will make it easier for EV owners to locate and access secure charging stations while earning carbon credit cryptocurrency as a reward.

C+Charge is quickly gaining traction and has raised over $784K in funding, putting it on track to reach its goal for a massive app launch. Investors can take advantage of the first stage of presale and purchase CCHG tokens for just $0.013 USDT before prices increase in three stages to a final price of $0.02350.

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