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Keeping Up To Date With Crypto: 7 Tips For Beginners

The cryptocurrency market has over 2000 tokens and coins to add to your portfolio. But first, you must understand the underlying digital currency industry before investing. It’ll help you to avoid projects that struggle to get a breakthrough in the market or scams and fraud.

Investment commentators recommend that beginners research and consult the cryptocurrency community for insights into the market. You’ll find the best-performing cryptos per the market capitalisation and the number of tokens and coins in circulation. It’s also crucial to keep up-to-date on the hyper-volatile market through information platforms, such as Crypto News Australia, to get the latest on crypto.

If you’re new to the digital currency market, this article will give seven tips on crypto matters for you to learn how to take advantage of the market.

1. Crypto Selection

The value of cryptocurrency keeps changing as more projects debut in the market. You must decide which cryptos to add to your portfolio. Ideally, you should consider the market capitalisation of each and how much of the crypto is in circulation. Don’t fall for fear of missing out (FOMO), as cryptocurrency projects are unpredictable.

Moreover, selecting specific cryptos will enable you to focus on their performance in the market. Bitcoin remains at the top of the market capitalisation but faces ongoing, stiff competition from Ethereum and Tether. However, you must learn each project’s purpose by reading through their whitepaper. 

2. Identify An Exchange 

In crypto, exchanges are businesses that allow traders to transact the underlying digital currencies. They offer crypto trading pairs at a fee and may also provide storage for your crypto. However, commentators advise that you keep your crypto holdings online due to risks, such as cybercrime or theft of your portfolio.

Crypto exchanges vary from centralised to decentralised and may require you to open an account. It’s critical to research a suitable one that matches your crypto trading business.

3. Have A Strategy

The digital currency ecosystem accommodates both scammers and genuine recommendations. It makes it tough to choose suitable projects to invest in, and it can expose you to more significant risks.  If you’re in doubt, you can adopt a strategy of evaluating crypto information before diving into the deep end. Find out what it aims to solve in the market and how many successful projects are available under that crypto.

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4. Always Manage Your Risk

Cryptocurrency is risky and may not be a good investment if you’re a newbie to the industry. You might invest in a project that may never take off or fall off the market. It’s also critical to invest money that you’re willing to lose. So, plan for your crypto trading business, stick to one winning strategy and avoid temptations, such as the crypto hype. Savvy investors recommend keeping crypto investments at the lowest amount in your portfolio. 

5. Diversification Is Vital

Many cryptocurrencies in the market solve different issues in the digital landscape. You must review your investment goals and decide which crypto suits your portfolio. You can spread your risk and buy these cryptos in small portions. It’ll help you to withstand the market price fluctuations that can result in losses or profits. In addition, you must look at the liquidity of the underlying cryptocurrencies to ensure that you can easily convert them to money.

6. Choose Between Short- Or Long-term Investment

How long do you want to be in the crypto trading business? What are your expectations? These are some of the questions you should always ask yourself. Short-term investments may not be ideal, and they can be capital-intensive. You’ll probably lose all your money if the market swings unexpectedly.

Conversely, you can hold small portions of crypto for long-term gains. So, you must be critical when selecting your crypto basket. It all depends on your choice of crypto, its market capitalisation, and long-term growth.

7. Leverage Automation

The cryptocurrency market price moves quickly and may risk your capital significantly. So, tech developers have autopilot tools, such as crypto bots, to assist traders. The bots follow your preferred setting and trade the hyper-volatile market on your behalf.

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However, learning how to use automation tools to avoid wrong configurations is crucial. Also, you must find out if your crypto exchange can support the autopilot trading strategy or if the exchange has trading bots for platform users.


Investing in cryptocurrency has challenges that can be overwhelming if you don’t understand the underlying industry. It requires an analytical review of the crypto projects on the trading floor and determining which one fits your investment plans. You can encounter scams or a hyper-speculative market that can expose you to risk. Before you invest, consult the cryptocurrency community to learn more about the industry.

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