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ImmutableX announces Immutable Passport, the future of gaming

It has been closely observed that safety and user onboarding are two of the main challenges Web3 gaming firms face in the current environment. Everything boils down to the issue of a suitable cryptocurrency wallet. It is seen with a degree of mistrust, inhibiting a cordial and transparent environment. In this domain, the entity Immutable has assumed the responsibility and is actively involved in developing what they refer to as the Immutable Passport. As far as Web3 games are concerned, this will serve as an immediate wallet onboarding solution.

Where the Immutable Passport is concerned, it is a non-custodial wallet and a verification solution. It helps to smooth the process of user onboarding with the help of a passwordless sign-on and automated wallet creation. With the Passport, game studios will be able to drive adoption among mainstream users while also making it completely safe. In turn, the players can connect with a secure digital wallet, thus gaining cover from all kinds of fraud and external threats.

Online players find the Web3 wallets very complicated to handle and therefore end up having many wallets. The resultant factor is the fact that they are unprepared to carry out transactions when required. This is because they need to go through the process of decentralized exchanges, which often holds up the situation besides charging high fees.

There also needs to be a proper way of tracking the placement of their funds. When they have multiple wallets open simultaneously, transferring funds from one wallet to another becomes difficult. The present Web3 wallets are actually for DeFi and general use. Game users need permission for all transactions they make, which becomes a matter of concern. What the passport does is simplify the entire process for the user.

Immutable Passport is a streamlined and secure onboarding solution designed specifically for gaming studios. It is integrated throughout Immutable’s entire technological stack. This gives game developers connectivity to marketplaces and players, as well as a framework with adequate upgradeability. The sole requirement for players is to create a passport once, which will grant them access to all immutable-enhanced games and marketplaces. Additionally, there is the issue of an invisible signing.

The Immutable Passport comes with many important and relevant features, like simplified and smooth player onboarding. The safety and security features are closely examined. Game developers benefit from having open access to gamers and targeted marketplaces. Users are able to make purchases without any hiccups. They also have the option of plug-and-play. There is also the aspect of a Passport Guardian, who protects the players. SDKs are also present for quick incorporation. The Immutable Passport is slated for delivery in the month of April 2023.

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